Booklet present: The essence of ramen soup that even the owner of a ramen shop does not know

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Since the establishment of Yamato Ramen School
17 years accumulated
Solving the problem of ramen soup
The essence of ramen soup that even ramen shop owners don't know

Written by Rocky Fujii, representative of Yamato Seisakusho


Explain the essence of ramen, the essence of ramen soup, and the essence of a winning ramen shop!
Yamato Seisakusho representative Rocky Fujii approaches the essence of ramen soup with the theme of "soup", which many ramen shop owners are worried about!
Here is the essence of the ramen soup problem solving accumulated at Yamato Ramen School!


For those who are worried about ramen soup

  • I want to know why people don't gather
  • I want to know the strategies of ramen shops to survive in the future
  • I want to know the problems and solutions for making ramen soup

For those who are thinking of opening a ramen shop or becoming independent

  • I want to know the current situation of ramen shops
  • I want to know the essence of ramen soup, such as the constituent elements and issues
  • I want to know about the winning ramen shops

"Ramen soup" is important in ramen shops.
If you have any questions or are thinking of opening a new ramen shop in the future, please read this booklet!

table of contents

Prologue Why are so many ramen shop owners struggling with soup?
Chapter 1 Why are so many newly opened stores closing?
  1. very short life expectancy
  2. There is no stopping the decrease in the number of stores
  3. Ramen shops have become a profitable business!
  4. There are many reasons why the closing rate of new business owners has become so high
  5. Do not imitate rivals, never compete with rivals (understanding of blue ocean in business)
  6. Is this business a real passion for you?
Chapter 2 The essence of ramen and the history of ramen
  1. Why did Chinese ramen, which has a history of 4,000 years, not spread all over the world, but Japanese ramen, which has a history of at most 100 years, spread all over the world?
  2. The essential difference between Chinese ramen and Japanese ramen
  3. What is the reason why only Japanese ramen has succeeded in globalization?
  4. History of evolution of Japanese ramen
  5. Direction of evolution of ramen culture in the future
Chapter 3 The essence of ramen soup
  1. Components of ramen soup
  2. Why do many existing ramen shops have many problems with soup making?
  3. I don't know how to make ex sauce
  4. I don't know how to make flavored oil
  5. Ramen soup blend
Chapter 4 The essence of a winning ramen shop
  1. Strategy to provide high value (high product appeal)
  2. deliciousness and beauty
  3. Seat count has a big impact on sales and profits
  4. The number of parking spaces is also an important factor.
Chapter 5 [Appendix] How to win in the global market
  1. Ramen is a fast food in Japan, but overseas it is a dining or café.
  2. Tastes vary greatly from country to country
  3. If you go abroad, you will definitely fail
  4. Your chances of success vary greatly depending on where you attack from.
  5. Management without relying on Japanese staff
  6. In many countries, the labor costs of local workers are higher than in Japan.
  7. Choose an area where it is easy to win a blue ocean with no competition overseas
  8. Do not open stores in enclaves
  9. Overseas expansion is also determined by people
  10. Factors that determine which country to expand into